Update on Classification System

.Update on New Classification System

ACSUM has been busy since our last newsletter. Our primary focus continues to be development of the new classification system for hourly employees (HECCP). This project has now been going on for over two-years. All parties are anxious to conclude it soon!

We have made significant progress in developing the framework of the new system of job titles and families. We have taken approximately 250 different job titles for hourly employees and combined them into about 40 job families. Each of those job families have career levels that correspond to the level of decisions made and responsibilities for each position.

The new system is designed so that employees can more easily understand the responsibilities of their position and how those responsibilities relate to their career level. Under the new system, you should also understand more easily what is required to progress to a higher career level in your current job family, or to move from one job family to another.

We have received data from the marketing survey, comparing our wages with those of people in comparable positions in the state and region. Now we must……..

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