Update on USM Restructuring Plans

Good morning,
I’m writing to give you a quick update regarding the USM restructuring efforts which were mentioned in an email from John Wright yesterday evening.  I know many of you are anxious to know how these changes will impact your positions and the time frame for those changes to be implemented.  Of greatest concern to employees is the new requirement that there will only be one administrative assistant for every  12 FTE faculty.
Let me start off by saying I do not have any specifics regarding what ultimately will happen to the positions impacted by the restructuring.  I can tell you that most positions that support academic departments will experience some changes as a result of the restructuring.   ACSUM has been having discussions with USM administration and we will continue those discussions until an agreement is reached on how best to proceed with these changes.
ACSUM has three primary objectives that we want to achieve by the time this process concludes and the restructuring is actually implemented: