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Negotiations Update


Moving forward with my promise to keep members informed I want to let everyone know that as of July 9, 2013 we have begun negotiations. Since there are over 11 people total between the University of Maine System and ACSUM negotiations teams it can be difficult to find meeting dates that work for the majority of us (we do not need all of our team present for a negotiations session but we try to make sure that a majority of our team can be there) which is the main reason for starting rather late this year.

We spent the session on July 9 talking about the recent consolidation of the individual campus IT and Procurement Departments into the Systems Office and how it affects our members, specifically as regards to seniority and displacement (bumping) rights. Full agreement on these issues has not yet been met. We will keep you informed as to the outcome when it is decided.

The team will be meeting next Wednesday, July 17 to prepare our proposals to the University using the survey that was sent out to members earlier. Our next negotiations session(s) with the University are scheduled for Monday, July 22 and Tuesday, July 23. As you can see these will be back to back sessions which will hopefully expedite the process.

As a final note a reminder that even though our contract expired as of July 1, 2013 our health benefits and current rate of pay are not affected.


Thanks everyone!

Dale Kuczinski

ACSUM Chief Negotiator

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