The USM chapter of ACSUM includes members on the Portland and Gorham campuses as well as the Lewiston-Auburn campus of USM. If you want to join ACSUM, or have questions about ACSUM and work at USM, please contact Gail Wartell at

A note from the Chair

Per the Spring chapter meeting in May, the chapter board sent a letter to Maine Medical Center’s CEO to let him know how unhappy we are about MMC becoming a Tier 2 hospital in the MHMC rating system. You can read the text of the letter on the ACSUM home page-

I received a phone call the next week, asking me to come in and meet with him. I met with Richard Peterson, the CEO as well as the Dr. in charge of quality for the hospital. The meeting was very good- I asked some tough questions, and got some good answers about what they are doing to provide better quality care. I also learned some things about the rating system and the systems the hospital uses to insure quality. I came away feeling reassured that they are making a real effort to get back to Tier 1.  Also, they offered to have someone come to a chapter meeting to discuss the issues with our membership. This will be taken up by the chapter board.

I wish you all a wonderful summer!

Gail Wartell


Announcement(s) Section:

Spring 2013:

The USM Chapter had its annual spring picnic on June 11. It rained 2 years in a row. But we had fun. Here’s to a sunny day next year!

Matt and Kelly at the Spring Picnic.

Matt and Kelly at the Spring Picnic.


Spring 2012: Photo from the 2012 Portland ACSUM Potluck

Annual Portland ACSUM Potluck

Thanks to everyone who came out for the end-of-the-year potluck and brought delicious dishes to share with the group.  What a lunch!  And the company was fantastic!  Have a great summer everyone!


Very sad news – Rosemary Miller

I am sorry to tell you that Rosy Miller, whom many of you knew, passed away recently. She was active in ACSUM for many years. She helped me so much when I took over as Chapter Chair a couple years ago, serving on the chapter board and as acting Grievance Rep until her retirement. She was a dedicated and compassionate woman that I admired greatly. She was kind and caring, but also persistent if there was injustice.
A celebration of Rosy’s life is planned for Sunday, Feb. 19, at 2 p.m., at the Irish Heritage Center, 34 Gray St., Portland. Arrangements are by Independent Death Care, Portland. In lieu of flowers, we request that memorial donations be made to:
Mercy Hospital-Development
144 State St.
Portland, Maine 04101
The following was written by Loraine Lowell, past Chair of the chapter. (Thanks, Loraine.)
Gail Wartell
Rosemary Miller:

“She retired from USM in June.  She died Friday morning, at home, with sisters surrounding her.

She was involved with the successful efforts to unionize the COLT staff in the late 1980s. So, her belief in workplace democracy for the workers through unions manifested itself from her first days as an employee here at USM.  She was, of course, a card-carrying member from the time the union was voted in.
In the early 1990s, Rosy became an active chapter member (again).  She had a wonderful touch with new employees, and educated them rather elegantly as to the importance of becoming a dues paying member of our union. She served as one of USM’s best grievance reps and (in my view), was one of the best grievance reps ACSUM had.  She resolved issues between workers and supervisors, often at the early stage.  She counseled workers, offered support and guidance, got them to stand up for themselves by asserting their contract rights.  She did this for both the Portland and Gorham COLT members for almost a decade.  And if push came to shove, grievances moved up through the process.
And . . . she still did membership outreach.  And . . . she became a board member to the statewide union, representing the USM chapter.  She was a role model for workplace justice, truly working for the greater good.  She was indefatigable.  As Greg Stowe, another union activist, wrote to me of Rosy just a few weeks ago, ‘ I should have asked you to give my regards to Rosie who always treated me with respect and always had a smile for me…’  That she did.”
-Lorraine Lowell, former ACSUM Chair