What are your Weingarten Rights?

If you’ve been a member of ACSUM for a while, you probably noticed that MEA changed the style of your membership card this year. This is a story about the old one. 
Remember that quote on the back? Weingarten Rights or something. What was that about? 
“Weingarten rights” guarantee to you the presence of union representation during investigatory interviews. They were established by the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of NLRB v Weingarten, Inc. back in 1975.  They are very important rights, but your employer has no legal obligation to explain them to you or tell you when they apply.  To use them, you have to understand them yourself. 
Weingarten rights apply during investigatory interviews, where you are asked to explain or defend your conduct, or where your answers to questions might provide the basis for discipline or even termination…… 
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How Much Does Union Membership Cost?


Don’t think you can afford to pay dues and join ACSUM?  

We often hear from non-members that the reason they haven’t joined ACSUM is they can’t afford the dues.   Well… we wanted to take a moment to point out that membership in ACSUM costs less than .79 cents per day!  That’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee!

The real question is can you afford not to join ACSUM?  Every important aspect of your job has to be negotiated with ACSUM:  wages,  health insurance premiums, vacation time, grievance process, sick leave, retirement plan, promotion process, layoff protections, and the list goes on and on.   Only members can vote on contracts and only members have a voice in determining wages and working conditions.    Who do you trust to look after your best interests?  The University or ACSUM?  ACSUM is a 100% member led union.  All the leaders, contract negotiators and grivance reps are your colleagues.  

Please consider doing what the majority of your fellow coworkers have done and join ACSUM today!  In these very uncertain economic times, ACSUM is there fighting for you and your family.  Please do your part and become a member today!     Click here for a membership application.  If you have any questions, contact your local campus representative listed on this website.