UM Campus Members,

Nominations have closed.  We have no contested positions so there will be no election.  Althea Tibbetts will begin serving as our new Orono President on June 1.  Sue Ronayne will serve as VP.  Valerie Nicholson will be joining the Orono executive committee.  We have a full contingent of delegates to the Delegate Assembly on April 18.  They are as follows:

David Cox                      Lisa Henderson           Jody Walker          Brenda Collamore

Althea Tibbetts              Jody Loper                   Lois  Farris            Cindy Carusi

Elaine O’Leary              Larry  Corbett               Laurie Cartier        Amy Goodie

Peter  Altmann              Kathy Crosby               Cheryl Spencer (Alternate)

Please consider volunteering your talents to make our union stronger.   Contact Sue Ronayne at 581-1669