The USM chapter of ACSUM includes members on the Portland and Gorham campuses as well as the Lewiston-Auburn campus of USM. If you want to join ACSUM, or have questions about ACSUM and work at USM, please contact Gail Wartell at

A note from the Chair

Per the Spring chapter meeting in May, the chapter board sent a letter to Maine Medical Center’s CEO to let him know how unhappy we are about MMC becoming a Tier 2 hospital in the MHMC rating system. You can read the text of the letter on the ACSUM home page-

I received a phone call the next week, asking me to come in and meet with him. I met with Richard Peterson, the CEO as well as the Dr. in charge of quality for the hospital. The meeting was very good- I asked some tough questions, and got some good answers about what they are doing to provide better quality care. I also learned some things about the rating system and the systems the hospital uses to insure quality. I came away feeling reassured that they are making a real effort to get back to Tier 1.  Also, they offered to have someone come to a chapter meeting to discuss the issues with our membership. This will be taken up by the chapter board.

I wish you all a wonderful summer!

Gail Wartell