Letter to MMC from USM ACSUM Chapter

Letter to MMC President from USM ACSUM Chapter on Hospital Tiering.

On May 23rd my chapter voted to send a letter to Maine Medical Center about the tier rating issue. Yesterday, my chapter board put this together and I am sending it off.

Richard Peterson, CEO
Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall Street
Portland, Maine  04102

May 23, 2013


Dear Mr. Peterson,

I am writing today in behalf of my union members to express our deep concern over the lowering of MMC’s tier rating from 1 to 2, per the Maine Health Management Coalition’s evaluation process. Most of our members- indeed most of the USM community- rely on MMC for hospital care when needed.

Our members are among the lowest paid at the University. The additional fees triggered by our insurance are a burden. Some will choose other local hospitals. However, some do not have a choice – depending on their health needs.

We are extremely disappointed by this situation. This is a violation of basic trust. We were expecting excellent health care. Now we are told that the care is below par, significantly enough to change status. Our confidence has been shaken.

We expect you to address the issues of quality and cost immediately. This situation is unacceptable.




Gail Wartell

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