Negotiations 2014 – U3

September Update


Your negotiations team has met with University management multiple times since our last update to members. During these sessions considerable time has been spent discussing their Health Care proposal.


A few weeks ago we requested supporting data for this proposal. This data, as well as extensive discussion, has helped us evaluate the University’s Health Care proposal. The University’s position continues to be that there must be a cap on their contribution to health insurance premiums in this contract. Furthermore, the University insists that the Employee Health Plan Task Force (EHPTF) be given full authority to make plan design changes as necessary to stay below the cap.


This effectively results in us giving up our right to bargain health plan changes, which your negotiations team has respectfully told the University we will not do. The health data we reviewed clearly shows that the UMS proposal is unnecessary and inappropriate. The fact is that the overall health insurance costs for FY13 were $1.46 million below the chancellor’s charge to the EHPTF. In other words, the cost of health care is $1.46 million below what UMS was projecting as acceptable.


Our issues/proposals list (compiled from your answers to the survey that was sent out to members a few months ago) was given to the University on August 21 which was the date that issues/proposals for both sides were due. Some discussion on our proposals has occurred without reaching any tentative agreements.


Unfortunately, despite the reality of the current numbers, UMS negotiators are taking the position that any proposals with financial components are contingent upon “projected” saving gleaned from their health care proposal.


Thank you all for your support,


Dale Kuczinski (Chief Negotiator)

Dina Goodwin-Short

Loni Levesque

Peggi Loveless

John Pavliska

Tim Pinkham

Cheryl Spencer

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